Commercial Locksmiths

Electro Pulse Commercial Locksmith Services in Ottawa

Every store, office and commercial property, must be protected and carefully monitored at all times. You need to ensure that your work environment is as safe as possible. Our responsibility is to help make sure that your office or work environment, is fully secure. It only takes a professional burglar several minutes to loot your office. Why give them the chance? We certainly won’t! At Electro Pulse Surveillance Cameras & Locksmith, we provide you with maximum protection, and work 24 hours a day. That means that we are always on call, which means that you no longer have to worry about choosing the right commercial locksmith company.

Weak locks are a burglar’s paradise. They know how to carefully pick the most complicated of locks. Unfortunately for them, our technicians know more than they do. We’ve been helping small business and large corporations keep their establishments burglar proof. Our CCTV monitors can record every single movement, in or out of the office or store. High grade surveillance cameras give thieves a very big problem, and sway them from entering your store or office. You can track what goes on with just a simple click of a mouse, as all details are transmitted to your computer. Our skillful technicians will show you how easy it is to record the data, and keep your work environment completely safe. We use the best equipment, such as DVR installation, CCTV installation, high quality security locks and much more. In addition to our commercial locksmith services, we also provide residential solutions and emergency auto locksmith solutions as well.

Some of our Commercial Security Services include:

  • High Security Commercial Locks
  • Master System Re-key
  • Commercial Door Locks
  • File Cabinet Locks
  • Door Installation/ Repair
  • DVR Installation (Digital Video Recorders)
  • Hidden Cameras
  • Gates and Iron Works
  • CCTV Installation (Closed Circuit Television systems)
  • Exit Devices
  • Expert Rekeying
  • Access Control Systems

We’ve managed to build a great reputation throughout the years. We attribute our reputation to our commitment in providing you with the best services for the most reasonable prices. You have enough to think about when you are at work, don’t let your safety be one of them! Give our friendly support staff a call 24/7, and make an appointment with a skilled technician today. At Electro Pulse Surveillance Cameras & Locksmith, your safety comes before anything else!