Electro Pulse Testimonials

See What Clients Have to Say about our CCTV Services and Locksmith

“I couldn’t believe how fast these guys were, when I needed an emergency key to get inside my truck. They were on time, gave me a fair quote and answered all of my questions as well. What more can I say about Electro Pulse, except for thank you!” – Scott

“I was having problems getting into my front door. I didn’t exactly trust the local locksmith, since they didn’t do a good job last time I used them. I was quite skeptical at first, but after the awesome locksmith arrived, he carefully removed the old lock that was causing me all this grief, without damaging my door at all. I’m so glad I gave you guys a call. I appreciate the courtesy and honesty. You’ll definitely be getting my business again!” – Michelle

“I was on my way back from visiting my uncle, when I noticed that the chip key wasn’t working properly. It was around 11pm, and I knew that every local place was closed. There was no way I’d be camping on the highway for the night! I’m so glad I stored the number of Electro Pulse in my contact list. The technician came to the scene in less than 40 minutes, and provided me with a duplicate transponder key for my car. Thrilled and relieved would be two good words to describe my feelings. You guys are true pros.” – John

“I had lost my car keys when I was at the post office. I must’ve misplaced them somewhere, and didn’t feel like standing outside in the freezing winds until the next morning. Wow, was I impressed with the fast timing and spectacular services the gentleman did. These guys really know what they’re doing! I’d certainly recommend them to anyone. The price was also very reasonable. The technician was lovely and delightful. Its such a real pleasure to work with Electro Pulse.” – Caroline

“It was the middle of the night, when I was stuck outside my apartment. I could’ve sworn that they keys were in my pocket, but I was wrong. Lucky for me, I had my phone, and remembered hearing good things about Electro Pulse Locksmith. It sure pays to have these guys at the top of your emergency services list, and they did a super cool job providing me with the right key. The guy was really nice and even joked about being locked out himself. You guys rock!” – Brad

“My store was robbed a few months ago, and I knew that I needed much better surveillance and security systems to protect my business. Needless to say, I chose Electro Pulse Surveillance Cameras to handle the security measures in my store. There hasn’t been a single problem since. I’ve referred you to all my friends, colleagues and customers as well. What a pleasure it is to do business with someone who understands my security needs.” – Alex

“When we went to Hawaii for our family vacation, we knew that our home was well protected. We didn’t have to worry about burglars because of the expert alarm system that was installed a few weeks ago. You guys have fantastic customer support too. It’s time to go hit the beach and get a tan!” – Darren
“I work at a very large firm that represents many high profile investors. A few years ago, we had a serious issue with the level of security we had. There was a certain employee that had access to very sensitive information, and couldn’t be trusted. We knew that he was secretly selling our sensitive information and giving away company material, but couldn’t prove it. We hired the trustful help of Electro Pulse Surveillance Cameras to help install a hidden camera in his room. Once we had the proof, he was fired on the spot, and prosecuted as well. We owe you guys. Thank you very much for helping us put away a criminal.” – Mark

“I was surfing the internet for ages looking for the right security camera to install in my home office. I work from home and need to know that my house is well guarded against burglars at all times. I’m sure glad I reached out to Electro Pulse! The tech was able to help me select the right CCTV at a cheap price. I can also monitor all the activities around my house from my laptop, and can now fully concentrate on my work. Thanks for helping me out.” – Victoria

“When my garage was broken into last summer, I knew that a simple lock wouldn’t be enough. I needed a closed circuit television installed there, so I can keep track of what’s going on at all times. I guess the burglar will have second thoughts before he tries to enter again! I must say that you really understand your business, and truly look out for your customers. My old 67 Mustang thanks you as well!” – David